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VISION - Clearbridge Health


Redefining healthcare insights and personalised healthcare in Asia

Clearbridge Health or CBH is a medical group redefining healthcare in Asia — better enabling patientcare by deploying precision and data-driven medical technologies. Read More

 MISSION - Clearbridge Health


Our goal is to improve primary patient care by deploying advanced, best-in-class medical tests, making them readily available to clinicians in the region.

Our primary focus is on the deployment of revolutionary, biofluid-based diagnostics for customised screening and diagnostic panels.

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Business Structure
Business Structure
Clearbridge Medical Group Clearbridge Health Clearbridge Bio Photonics Clearbridge Bio Medics Clearbridge Lifestyle Asia SAM Lab Clearbridge Medical Group Clearbridge Health Clearbridge Bio Photonics Clearbridge Bio Medics Clearbridge Lifestyle Asia SAM Lab

Clearbridge Health

Clearbridge Health or CBH combines med-tech and healthcare innovations with powerful service delivery channels. To meet healthcare sector challenges in an Asian context, CBH brings together medical talent, technology and long-horizon investment approaches into an optimum business model. It is created with the flexibility of talents and capital market resources to rebalance the portfolio through organic growth-strategic acquisitions and investments-divestments. With this new pan-Asian conglomerate, CBH strives to increase the depth and breadth of technology-based healthcare solutions, deployment methods and industry expertise in Asia.

Clearbridge Medical Group

Clearbridge Medical Group or CBMG ushers in a new, data-driven era of healthcare access in place of the traditional model of clinical chains and medical centres. The new CBMG model utilises deep science and technology to empower clinicians, integrating the resources of primary and specialist healthcare sectors. In contrast to the traditional model — standard service provider and med-tech company modules — CBMG applies the benefits of big data, algorithms, analytics and The Cloud to improving healthcare.

Our wide access to medical centres across Asia attracts a wide range of med-tech and service innovators in the healthcare, wellness and life science sectors. CBMG — with our extended network of clinician-patient interaction points — is the perfect platform to deploy these advancements.

Our Services

Clearbridge Lifestyle Asia

Clearbridge Lifestyle Asia or CBLSA is a direct-to-consumer platform aimed at the early prevention of health conditions such as diabetes, chronic weight issues, and hypertension, among others. Instead of relying purely on clinicians’ diagnoses, consumers can now avoid a costly and losing battle with disease. Marketed through channel partners, individuals can easily access its many benefits.

CBLSA’s technology-based platform first stabilises acute lifestyle issues. Following this, a framework for effective disease intervention and management is established. Completing the approach, an integrated system of data-driven analysis is used to achieve sustainable and optimum health conditions.

Our Lab


Now a group company of CBH, SAM Lab is now positioned to be the next-generation OMIC space laboratory. CAP-accredited in 2015, it is the only clinical laboratory in Singapore that offers the Veridex CellSearch CTC test. In line with our vision of using technology to improve patient care, SAM Lab aims to collaborate with the healthcare community to provide accurate and comprehensive diagnostics that include both laboratory medicine and imaging.

Our Technology Group

Clearbridge BioMedics

Clearbridge BioMedics or CBB specialises in novel platforms with applications in oncology research and diagnostics. Developed in conjunction with National University of Singapore/SMART MIT, it is the flagship project of Clearbridge Accelerator, a high-technology incubator backed by the Singapore government’s National Research Foundation or NRF.

The ClearCell® FX1 System by Clearbridge BioMedics provides a label-free means of Circulating Tumour Cell (CTC) enrichment. This offers a myriad of possibilities for downstream analysis on the output CTCs. With patented, award-winning microfluidic technologies, Clearbridge BioMedics aims to provide the next generation of non-invasive “liquid biopsy” approaches for cancer screening, diagnosis, staging, personalised medicine and treatment monitoring.

Headquartered in Singapore, Clearbridge BioMedics serves patients across Asia, Europe and North America.

Our Technology Group

Clearbridge BioPhotonics

Clearbridge Biophotonics, Inc or CBBP is an early stage start-up revolutionising clinical diagnostics and bioresearch through groundbreaking microscope technology developed at Caltech and CBBP’s own antibody-labelling technology. The Biophotonics Laboratory team at Caltech continues to be closely involved with development efforts at Clearbridge.

Clearbridge Biophotonics is incorporated in Singapore as Clearbridge Biophotonics, Pte Ltd. Clearbridge Biophotonics, Inc is a subsidiary located in Carlsbad, CA, U.S.A.


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