VISION - Clearbridge Health


Redefining healthcare insights and personalised healthcare in Asia

Clearbridge Health or CBH is a medical group redefining healthcare in Asia - better enabling patientcare by deploying precision and data-driven medical technologies.

Our vision is to fully empower both patient and clinician - a bridge of abilities to generate and access relevant, reliable and timely information. Patientcare can be better and sustainable - this includes evaluating, selecting and monitoring medical treatments and adopting scientific evidence-backed health regime changes.

In Asia, health concerns are on the rise, especially among high-risk individuals and patients. On the rise is the need to motivate lifestyle changes and combine these with precise monitoring programmes. CBH is the ideal platform for empowering individuals in a sustainable way, individuals who are managing health and medical conditions. Pervasive healthcare technologies and programmes offer new opportunities while complementing traditional disease prognosis and treatment. Together, they a play major role in aiding clinicians to motivate healthy behavior, prevent and detect disease, and optimise treatment throughout all stages of life.