In everything we do, people always come first—bringing scientific and medical communities closer to the patients who seek care and the practitioners who provide it. Bridging advanced diagnostics and point-of-care, Clearbridge Medical Group and Clearbridge Lifestyle Asia bring to life precision healthcare with a human touch.

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Clearbridge Medical Group

Clearbridge Medical Group is set apart by direct access to the testing at SAM Clinical Laboratory and the breakthroughs at our MedTech Innovation Suite. Surpassing traditional medical centre and clinical chain models, our medical centres are linked directly to the scientific bench—providing practitioners and scientists unparalleled resources for healthcare strategies. In-house physicians and scientific experts all across Singapore, Australia, and North America receive the benefit of each other’s expertise, from patient counselling, the possibilities of metabolomics tech, to the emerging areas of healthcare sciences both evidence-based and approved.

The efficiency of a complete medical system lies in our constant innovation, introducing efficiencies in cost, diagnoses, and treatment strategies, all to the patient’s benefit.

Clearbridge Medical Group medical centres are set to open to medical and scientific communities across countries in Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and China—establishing our leadership in the competitive healthcare sector.


Clearbridge Lifestyle

Clearbridge Lifestyle is redefining healthcare in Asia with advancements in predictive assessment, shaping a proactive, personal approach to staying healthy and preventing diseases. Our product innovations manage lifestyle-related health conditions such as diabetes, chronic weight issues, and hypertension—with the aim of arresting them at risk stage. Helping health professionals such as nutritionists and fitness trainers tailor personalised programmes, Clearbridge Lifestyle makes disease prevention possible.