Empowering personalised healthcare means providing clinicians with insights that are precise, holistic, and actionable. That’s why we acquired the market-leading SAM Laboratory and established partnerships with lab service providers from around the world, fusing best laboratory practices with molecular diagnostics and metabolomics technologies—to hone diagnoses with the cutting edge of precision.

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SAM Laboratory

Clearbridge Health acquired SAM Laboratory Private Limited in 2017, a diagnostics facility widely respected for delivering personalised, comprehensive, and actionable insights. Accredited in 2015 by the prestigious College of American Pathologists and licensed by the Ministry of Health, SAM Clinical Laboratory is the only clinical laboratory in Singapore that offers the CellSearch CTC test. Sought after by clinicians and hospitals throughout Asia, SAM Clinical Laboratory services include non-esoteric and esoteric testing—the development and distribution of leading-edge, specialist-operated, FDA- or CLIA-approved tests—and next-generation diagnostics tailored to Asian genetics, developed in collaboration with partner labs in the region.

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Global Partners

Our partnerships extend our laboratory capabilities around the world, making the best in innovative diagnostic testing available exclusively in Asia.

Singapore General Hospital

Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute