Our MedTech innovation suite brings forward diagnostics and pathology testing that set new standards in clarity, accuracy, and depth. Leading these breakthroughs are Clearbridge BioMedics and Clearbridge BioPhotonics, two laboratories where we continue to make our most significant investments in research and technology every day.

Clearbridge lab

Clearbridge BioPhotonics

Clearbridge BioPhotonics specialises in developing next-generation microscope technology for non-invasive urine, cell culture and tissues analysis. Currently in development is the Fourier Ptychographic Microscopy or FPM, a groundbreaking imaging method by the Clearbridge BioPhotonics lab in collaboration with Caltech or California Institute of Technology. FPM extends a microscope’s depth of focus for better image resolution, leading to more accurate diagnoses.

Top-ranked by scientific journal Nature Photonics, FPM is just an example of what our continued collaboration with Caltech can do, in pursuit of better technology for better health.

Clearbridge cell search (CTC)

Clearbridge BioMedics

Transforming oncology research and diagnostics, Clearbridge BioMedics was created in conjunction with National University of Singapore and SMART or Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology, backed by the Singapore government’s National Research Foundation.

We work with partners across Asia, Europe, and North America from our headquarters in Singapore. Our achievements include a method for isolating cancer cells from a standard blood draw through technology that is both non-invasive and real-time. The ClearCell® FX1 System is one such technology, a label-free means of Circulating Tumour Cell or CTC enrichment which opens up a world of possibilities for downstream analysis on output CTCs.

Our ClearCell® FX1 System and other patented, award-winning microfluidic technologies demonstrate our commitment to exploring new and better liquid biopsy approaches for cancer screening, diagnosis, staging, treatment, and monitoring.