Our MedTech innovation suite brings forward diagnostics and pathology testing that set new standards in clarity, accuracy, and depth. Leading these breakthroughs are Biolidics Limited and Clearbridge BioPhotonics, two laboratories where we continue to make our most significant investments in research and technology every day.

Clearbridge lab

Clearbridge BioPhotonics

Clearbridge BioPhotonics specialises in developing next-generation microscope technology for non-invasive urine, cell culture and tissues analysis. Currently in development is the Fourier Ptychographic Microscopy or FPM, a groundbreaking imaging method by the Clearbridge BioPhotonics lab in collaboration with Caltech or California Institute of Technology. FPM extends a microscope’s depth of focus for better image resolution, leading to more accurate diagnoses.

Top-ranked by scientific journal Nature Photonics, FPM is just an example of what our continued collaboration with Caltech can do, in pursuit of better technology for better health.

Clearbridge cell search (CTC)

Biolidics Limited

Incorporated in 2009, Biolidics is a Singapore-based medical technology company focusing on the development of cell enrichment systems which, when combined with other analytical tests, have a wide range of applications for cancer diagnosis, prognosis, treatment selection and treatment monitoring.

Biolidics has developed the ClearCell® FX1 System, a fully automated IVD medical device which relies on a novel patented technology to separate and enrich cancer cells from blood.

Biolidics’ ClearCell® FX1 System allows users of the system to perform liquid biopsies to test for the presence of cancer cells (specifically circulating tumour cells, or CTCs) in blood samples or perform further analysis on cancer cells.

Liquid biopsies (i.e. analysis of the circulating tumour cells in blood samples) have many applications throughout the various stages of a patient’s cancer journey, from cancer screening and staging to personalised treatment, and post-cancer monitoring.

Biolidics’ quality assurance capabilities have been recognised through its ISO 13485 certification, CE-IVD, US FDA Class I registration and CFDA Class I registration (for the MGI EasyCell System).

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