Clearbridge Health specialises in the delivery of precision medicine, an approach for disease treatment and prevention that takes into account individual variability in genes, environment, and lifestyle. Collaborating with healthcare professionals and globally-accredited laboratories, Clearbridge Health delivers reliable and timely diagnoses, insights into disease management, and personalised treatment programmes.

Clearbridge medical technology

The healthcare of tomorrow begins with excellence in research and advancing the capabilities of technology. Our MedTech Innovation suite represents our best practices that are pushing boundaries in diagnostics and pathology testing.

Clearbridge Health Laboratory Services

Our next step to redefining healthcare in Asia is empowering healthcare providers with insights that are precise, holistic, and actionable. We believe personalised patient care is the way forward, a belief we support with innovative lab services and partnerships circling the globe.

Clearbridge Health - Singapore Healthcare Services

We are committed to providing exceptional services where people always come first. Clearbridge Medical Group and Clearbridge Lifestyle Asia bring best industry practices and precision diagnostics closer to point-of-care—mitigating disease as early as possible, possibly even preventing it.