We are an integrated healthcare group in Asia with end-to-end diagnostic abilities, deploying non-invasive tests to identify and manage illness. We develop intellectual property and leading-edge technology— working in particular with labs researching diagnostic and treatment techniques for Asian genetics—providing ever more effective ways to detect cancer, critical illness, and other lifestyle diseases sweeping the world today.


Laboratories and clinicians often work independently, stifling the flow of innovation from the labs where it happens to the patients who need it most. That’s what makes our integrated model a revolutionary one—leading the way with MedTech innovation that, as populations and spending power rapidly increase, answers an ever-growing demand for high-quality, personalised healthcare in Asia.

Revolutionising patient care through precision diagnostics, we empower clinicians and healthcare professionals to make reliable and accurate diagnoses, provide fresh insight into disease management, and customise prevention and treatment programmes that are personalised and timely.

Incorporated in 2017, we are partners with research institutions and accredited labs in major cities not only in Asia but in Europe, North America, and Australia. We network directly with clinical GPs and sales representatives ready to share our vision of personalised healthcare in 11 countries around the world.